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A midnight sunset caught from the edge of my tent at our campsite in Höfn, Iceland. Read about all the glacier-exploring and rockhounding here. “I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.” — David Attenborough Advertisements

The stunning limestone karst topography of Halong Bay, Vietnam. See more from this trip here. “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” –Aaïs Nin

I always seem to get that unshakable travel itch in the spring. Something about the change of seasons makes the world around me feel so immense and undiscovered. Either that, or I am just trying with all my might to daydream my spring midterms into nonexistence.. Okay it’s definitely the latter- but here are a few places that have been keeping my mind occupied over the last week. 10. Climb the perilous… Read More

4 days in the radiant Colorado sun was about all it took for me to give up on weathering the East Coast winter and pray for spring. Though, living in Boston, I’ll settle for an extra hour of sun and a few days above 30º. I flew home last Wednesday for a quick recharge in the Rockies and was dying to get a little hiking in. Hanging Lake is an old classic,… Read More

I don’t know about you, but I spend a disproportionate amount of my time browsing travel blogs, googling far off locations, and planning trips that, lets face it, won’t be happening in the foreseeable future. I can’t help it. But thanks to all those listless hours spent drooling on my keyboard over other people’s adventures, I’ve stumbled onto some pretty cool travel sites- all of which are dedicated to bringing beauty and personality back into travel… Read More

After making the journey from the Southern Hemisphere back to the Northern, my mom and I stopped for a whirlwind weekend in Chicago to visit my sister before flying on to Colorado. Seeing as my previous experience with Illinois had been limited to the O’Hare Airport, it was quite exciting to get to explore a new city. We crammed a lot into an impossibly short weekend- including shopping on Oak Street, Lou… Read More

The dizzying heights and dizzying climb had me scrambling for a rocky seat amongst the other awestruck hikers. Having left behind the unrelenting gravel crunch of our 4 hour ascent, the deafening silence of the summit rung in my ears. My own two legs had earned me this precarious seat at the top of the world, and it was gratifying and exhilarating. Or it would have been, if I hadn’t been so exhausted. The real… Read More

So it’s official. I leave tomorrow to complete the #2 on my bucket list– Hike a volcano! Mount Rinjani, to be specific. Its the second highest volcano in Indonesia, which is not a particularly comforting fact. But even if I have to drag myself to the summit, it’ll all be more than worth it to catch the sunrise over a view like that. It’s a 4-day trek so keep an eye out… Read More