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The best part of the day on Halong Bay: the sun is dipping behind the islands, casting this gorgeous hazy light. Read more here. “Sometimes it feels good to take the long way home.” — Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I’m Home  

Big thanks to Beers & Beans for spreading word about yet another awesome spring photo contest: and Blacks‘ Explore! competition. Post some of your most epic travel photos as fast as you can to give the world a panoramic view of your wild life- and potentially win £2000 of adventure travel! (..can you guess what the 4 categories are?) Phew. That’s enough wordplay for one day. Check out my entries below: WildThe last thing you want to unsuspectingly… Read More

The stunning limestone karst topography of Halong Bay, Vietnam. See more from this trip here. “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” –Aaïs Nin

I’m always fascinated by stopping to think about what my life was like a year ago today. Without fail, I am bewildered and inspired. So much has changed! People I had no idea existed a year ago are a big part of my life now. I’ve been to Vienna, Budapest, London, Athens, Rome, and all over Ireland. I became completely at home in Dublin’s cobbled streets and crowded bars. And then I left… Read More