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Can’t seem to get this place out of my head. Despite the mecca for young backpackers, surfers, and ridiculously heavy traffic its become, what stays with me is the feeling of the balmy, dense air clinging to my skin. The surprising coincidence of the rushed and wild streets, the clamor rising from rivers of people, with the deafening silences that hang in Bali’s lush and verdant arboreal gardens. The feverish rumble of a market and the whispered reverence of… Read More

Although Storm Nemo has subsided, a rainy fog remains settled over Boston this Monday, leaving me nostalgic for the misty, wet mornings of my semester in Dublin. The view from my 17th floor dorm room doesn’t at all resemble that of my 4th floor flat, but I still find myself looking out into the fog and for a split-second expecting the Dublin skyline to appear in the distance. And while I couldn’t… Read More

This one goes out to my (other) favorite city and place of birth: Singapore! I’ve been visiting Singapore every now and then since I took my first breaths there, and watching it grow as I grew up has made me love it all the more. And while my visits always seemed too short, those whirlwind drop-ins included some of my childhood highlights. From dancing in the streets hand in hand with my… Read More

Now that I am finally living in the city of my dreams (or at least a city of my dreams, I could never pick just one), I imagined I would spend my days exploring its historic streets and attending cool events. But as its alarmingly easy to be sucked into the rut of college life and almost never venture off campus, I’ve been making an effort to explore one new part of Boston… Read More

So I recently found out some really exciting news. Northeastern does mini month-long study abroad programs called Dialogue of Civilizations, and I’ve been accepted to one in Iceland this July! That means I have the incredible luck of spending part of my summer camping around Iceland and studying environmental science. I’ve been a little obsessed it Iceland for the last year, admittedly, because it it just such an stunningly beautiful country! Iceland is also… Read More

The dramatic glory of the coast was my first experience of Ireland outside of Dublin’s cobblestoned streets. An afternoon spent wandering the lush windswept grasses adorned with the saturated yellows and lilacs of wildflowers was exactly how I imagined my days would pass in Ireland.. It was a truly beautiful place to explore, huddled against the howling winds that swept the coast. 

My flatmates and I are all down for the count! We’re sniffling, sweatpant-wearing messes with absolutely no intention of going anywhere that doesn’t involve food and youtube videos (obsessed with jacksgap anyone??). But its perfect because we’ve finally found the time to book our trip to London in October, which is an absolute miracle the way our schedules have been going. And ever since, of course, I’ve been in full on travel… Read More

Its approximately 9:28am in Dublin, looks like a classic cloudy and crisp morning, just the way a Thursday should be. Getting ready for what promises to be an interesting weekend of drinks and friends. I’m listening to the Lumineers in preparation for their concert here on Oct. 29(!!!!!!!!!) with the Civil Wars, and I feel so settled in to this city! It’s been less than a month since me and my 3 excessively large… Read More