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What do you get when you add a stressed out college student with less than two months to graduation and a week off in March? A spring break spent writing cover letters and updating resumes. So while I skipped the spring skiing and beaches this year in favor of, you know, not having a post-grad meltdown, I did manage to squeeze in a weekend in Portland, Maine. At a brisk 30 degrees,… Read More

4 days in the radiant Colorado sun was about all it took for me to give up on weathering the East Coast winter and pray for spring. Though, living in Boston, I’ll settle for an extra hour of sun and a few days above 30º. I flew home last Wednesday for a quick recharge in the Rockies and was dying to get a little hiking in. Hanging Lake is an old classic,… Read More

Colorado was everything I needed in a spring break: Blue skies, fresh powder, and a constant cycle of eat, sleep, hottub, repeat. Returning to Boston, it felt like I had been gone for months. The grey skies and getting back into a busy schedule took a bit of adjustment, but after a week of recharging in the rockies, being back in flow of things feels good. It always bittersweet for me around this… Read More