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It seems like half the people on my Instagram feed are in Iceland lately. And while I’m definitely not the slightest bit jealous, it got me thinking about the best things Iceland has to offer in the summer. If you’re headed north of 60° this summer, here are some of my favorite Icelandic adventures: 1. Explore some lava fields. I don’t care who you are, lava is the coolest thing. Awaken your inner fourth… Read More

On the way to our 4th campsite we stopped to explore Akureyri, a charming town on one of the longest fjords in Iceland, as well as at Goðafoss (yet another gorgeous waterfall). There was a bit of commotion as we approached Goðafoss. It took me a second to process that not only were there two kayakers sitting in an eddy above the falls, but they were about to paddle over the edge. As… Read More