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After being spoiled by Reykjavik’s (relatively) warm weather and urban luxuries, facing Kerlingarfjöll was an unnerving task. Our campsite sat between two glaciers, at the most inward point of Iceland we would venture to. “The Interior” sounded like a place best left to Bear Grylls and his survival techniques, but we were up for the challenge. Suprisingly, although unfairly cold, the Kerlingarfjöll campsite turned out to be one of my favorites. Rows of red… Read More

Iceland had been #1 on my mental bucket list for some time when things fell into place for me to go this summer. I had just declared Environmental Science as my major, and with an empty 4-month summer looming ahead of me, this trip appeared on the horizon like a confirmation of every choice I had ever made. One month, 20 other students, and I’d get credit for my major. Trip of… Read More