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Happy St Paddy’s Day everyone! Since my freshman study abroad trip to Ireland, Dublin has been the first city I fell in love with. Completely on my own for the first time, Ireland was terrifying and beautiful and it took me about two weeks to never want to leave. Today I’m missing walking over the river Liffey on my way to class, eating lunch at St Stephen’s Green when it wasn’t pouring rain… Read More

I knew that St Patrick’s day would be big here, but until I pressed my way onto the T, I don’t think I fully understood the magnitude. Pressed in too tight for any notion of personal space, we clung to strangers in attempt to stay upright and fiercely determined to make our way to Southie.  But it was all pretty worth it to be apart of this green mob of college students and families, braving the 30-something degree… Read More

The dramatic glory of the coast was my first experience of Ireland outside of Dublin’s cobblestoned streets. An afternoon spent wandering the lush windswept grasses adorned with the saturated yellows and lilacs of wildflowers was exactly how I imagined my days would pass in Ireland.. It was a truly beautiful place to explore, huddled against the howling winds that swept the coast.