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There’s no use in denying that time got away from me this semester. It’s somehow late November, Thanksgiving’s in a week, finals are in two weeks- and I’m still stuck somewhere back in early October. Running around between classes, labs, and interviews this semester has been chaotic and I’m finally in the home stretch, but there’s no shortage of work to be tackled before I can fly home. So, in the spirit… Read More

Like any aspiring photographer, I attempt to bring my camera most everywhere I go (attempt being the operational word there). So I was feeling fairly pleased with myself when I managed to grab the camera AND an empty memory card on the way out the door yesterday evening. It was gorgeous lighting for a 6pm hike up Red Mountain, with the unplanned ease specific to summer. The rolling switchbacks began to reveal… Read More

Well I’m back in the southern hemisphere, and still getting used to the heavy, humid heat of what feels like living in a jungle. It’s no small miracle that the worst of the jet lag consists of a 6am wake up reminiscent of having been thrown in a pool; once it’s happend, there is absolutely no chance of geting those last two reasonable hours of slumber. But Thank God, summer has arrived. And it feels like letting… Read More

Its a wet and foggy day for my last day in Boston, which is fine by me. I’ve been running around, finishing papers and closing the last boxes, and trying to let it sink in that my freshman year is over and I won’t be back in this city for four months. It’s a lot to take in. But there’s something comforting in the routine- it always feels the same, packing for… Read More

Quite accidentally, I walked from Northeastern to Cambridge last friday afternoon. The weather was so gorgeous me and a friend jumped on a chance to explore Boston by foot, and before we knew it an hour had turned into three and we had walked 5.5 miles. We took the path along the Charles, watching the dizzying numbers of sailboats and rowing teams enjoy the sudden spring weather. Eventually we looped back towards Harvard square, arriving famished and exhausted…. Read More

Just found these shots I took on a barely 24-hour stop in Vienna last fall. I’m sure I barely scratched the surface when it comes to truly discovering Vienna, but from my outsiders perspective the city was a bit of a fairy tale. The gorgeous architecture alone is enough to make you feel a little more regal, and I found myself in the perfect place at the perfect time. The autumn day we spent exploring… Read More

Some shots from a lovely Easter weekend catching up with friends! Spring has snuck up on me- suddenly finals are 2 weeks away and its that magical time of year when my motivation is at an all time low and my workload an all time high. As my To-Do list gets lengthy, it helps to think of everything I have to look forward to this summer and remember this:

I knew that St Patrick’s day would be big here, but until I pressed my way onto the T, I don’t think I fully understood the magnitude. Pressed in too tight for any notion of personal space, we clung to strangers in attempt to stay upright and fiercely determined to make our way to Southie.  But it was all pretty worth it to be apart of this green mob of college students and families, braving the 30-something degree… Read More