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Iceland had been #1 on my mental bucket list for some time when things fell into place for me to go this summer. I had just declared Environmental Science as my major, and with an empty 4-month summer looming ahead of me, this trip appeared on the horizon like a confirmation of every choice I had ever made. One month, 20 other students, and I’d get credit for my major. Trip of… Read More

  So I’m back from Iceland. And between you and me, I have been for almost a week- whoops! In my defense, getting back to Colorado after a month of exhausting (but great) travel only to turn around and fly half way across the world two days later is not exactly conducive to my productivity. Thankfully after a few days of poolside lounging here in Borneo the guilt kicked in and I… Read More

Tomorrow I leave for a month-long trip to Iceland, and I have no idea how half my summer flew by. Between family members flying in and out, hiking around Colorado, not to mention a wedding at our house, I’ve barely had time to look up. So this is a mixed bag of a post, including 1.) Shots from my hiking and off-roading adventures and 2.) Some info about my upcoming Icelandic experience…. Read More

Nothing beats the delirious high of finally, finally, hitting send on that 10-page paper that has been your nemesis for the last 48 hours. The short-lived glory of not caring about anything, at all, for about half an hour until you realize that was just the first of many final-paper-shaped hurdles you are going to have to jump before you can actually sleep again. And with my final 23 minutes of carefree bliss, I’m daydreaming about the unbelievable four month… Read More

Found this stunning video by Lea et Nicolas Features on Vimeo today, and I am so very eager for it to be July already so I can experience Iceland for myself!

So I recently found out some really exciting news. Northeastern does mini month-long study abroad programs called Dialogue of Civilizations, and I’ve been accepted to one in Iceland this July! That means I have the incredible luck of spending part of my summer camping around Iceland and studying environmental science. I’ve been a little obsessed it Iceland for the last year, admittedly, because it it just such an stunningly beautiful country! Iceland is also… Read More