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2013 brought me from the peak of the 2nd largest volcano in Indonesia to traversing glaciers in Iceland. It was a year of hard work- in class, on the search for an internship, and completing some of the most incredible treks of my life. With 2014 hours away, it all seems to be paying off. I have a lot to look forward to, and many moments that will be hard to beat…. Read More

En route from Skaftafell we stopped at this gorgeous outlook to eat lunch and stare out across the endless black sand beach. In some parts, if you crane you neck far enough over the sheer cliff, you can spot lovable puffins hanging out below you. Totally worth the risk.Next stop, Skogar. It was our last new campsite on the trip- we would stay two nights in Reykjavik before our flight out, but that… Read More

 Arriving at Höfn marked the third week into our trip, which was surreal. Without the sun going down the trip had almost felt like one long day up to that point. We were in the Southeast and headed in the direction of Reykjavik once again. We stopped to see Petra’s Mineral Collection on the way, which cheered me up pretty fast. Petra was an Icelandic woman who spent her entire life collecting rocks…. Read More

After being spoiled by Reykjavik’s (relatively) warm weather and urban luxuries, facing Kerlingarfjöll was an unnerving task. Our campsite sat between two glaciers, at the most inward point of Iceland we would venture to. “The Interior” sounded like a place best left to Bear Grylls and his survival techniques, but we were up for the challenge. Suprisingly, although unfairly cold, the Kerlingarfjöll campsite turned out to be one of my favorites. Rows of red… Read More

Iceland had been #1 on my mental bucket list for some time when things fell into place for me to go this summer. I had just declared Environmental Science as my major, and with an empty 4-month summer looming ahead of me, this trip appeared on the horizon like a confirmation of every choice I had ever made. One month, 20 other students, and I’d get credit for my major. Trip of… Read More

Tomorrow I leave for a month-long trip to Iceland, and I have no idea how half my summer flew by. Between family members flying in and out, hiking around Colorado, not to mention a wedding at our house, I’ve barely had time to look up. So this is a mixed bag of a post, including 1.) Shots from my hiking and off-roading adventures and 2.) Some info about my upcoming Icelandic experience…. Read More

Like any aspiring photographer, I attempt to bring my camera most everywhere I go (attempt being the operational word there). So I was feeling fairly pleased with myself when I managed to grab the camera AND an empty memory card on the way out the door yesterday evening. It was gorgeous lighting for a 6pm hike up Red Mountain, with the unplanned ease specific to summer. The rolling switchbacks began to reveal… Read More

So it’s official. I leave tomorrow to complete the #2 on my bucket list– Hike a volcano! Mount Rinjani, to be specific. Its the second highest volcano in Indonesia, which is not a particularly comforting fact. But even if I have to drag myself to the summit, it’ll all be more than worth it to catch the sunrise over a view like that. It’s a 4-day trek so keep an eye out… Read More