Scenic Route Travels


Well, it turns out that no amount of stubborn denial and refusal to pack can actually stop a great vacation from coming to an end. The day to go back to real life arrived without my consent, and here I am back in Boston. I did miss the city, and am so excited for all the things to come- but it’s never easy leaving my mountain home. There’s something that happens when… Read More

Accidentally sent this post off a little prematurely a while ago- so if you’re getting this a second time, a friendly reminder that shouting profanities at your laptop screen will not unclick that button you didn’t mean to click. Live and learn. Anyways, this post is coming to you from a stress free zone. That’s right, the light at the end of the finals tunnel has arrived- aka final grades have been… Read More

Shots from a day spent watching my brother do the thing he does best.. or at least most frequently- Fly Fishing. No worries though, all these guys were safely returned to the river they came from and I got a chance to try my hand at an entirely different realm of photography. Fly Fishing photography, I’m discovering, requires quite a different set of skills- such as fast shutter speeds and the ability… Read More