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Accidentally sent this post off a little prematurely a while ago- so if you’re getting this a second time, a friendly reminder that shouting profanities at your laptop screen will not unclick that button you didn’t mean to click. Live and learn. Anyways, this post is coming to you from a stress free zone. That’s right, the light at the end of the finals tunnel has arrived- aka final grades have been… Read More

Nothing beats the delirious high of finally, finally, hitting send on that 10-page paper that has been your nemesis for the last 48 hours. The short-lived glory of not caring about anything, at all, for about half an hour until you realize that was just the first of many final-paper-shaped hurdles you are going to have to jump before you can actually sleep again. And with my final 23 minutes of carefree bliss, I’m daydreaming about the unbelievable four month… Read More