Scenic Route Travels


If you’re wondering where my happy place was as Boston nudged past historical snowfall records yesterday, it’s on a sailboat with semi-functioning toilets, bobbing offshore of a tiny Indonesian island. That’s where I was seven months ago, when I brought two of my best friends to see the colorful, chaotic, splatter of islands that I’ve called home on and off for so many years. We surfed at Kuta beach, had cocktails at… Read More

An overnight adventure in the Colorado flattops. Another month spent camping my way through Iceland. Two weeks spent with my family and friends sailing, swimming, and surfing our way around Indonesia. It’s been one hell of a summer. Just to stay still for awhile after two months of constant motion (a different place every few days) is a relief. I’ll be playing out the rest of my summer days behind a laptop,… Read More

Blogging about Bali the other day reminded me of one of my favorite travel adventures of all time; a spontaneous trip with my family sailing through the Indonesian Archipelago. Last summer I spent a month or so lazing around at home in Borneo with my parents and two brothers, the days a happy blur of reading by the pool and watching the entirety of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones (so addicting). And… Read More

Can’t seem to get this place out of my head. Despite the mecca for young backpackers, surfers, and ridiculously heavy traffic its become, what stays with me is the feeling of the balmy, dense air clinging to my skin. The surprising coincidence of the rushed and wild streets, the clamor rising from rivers of people, with the deafening silences that hang in Bali’s lush and verdant arboreal gardens. The feverish rumble of a market and the whispered reverence of… Read More