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Tomorrow I leave for a month-long trip to Iceland, and I have no idea how half my summer flew by. Between family members flying in and out, hiking around Colorado, not to mention a wedding at our house, I’ve barely had time to look up. So this is a mixed bag of a post, including 1.) Shots from my hiking and off-roading adventures and 2.) Some info about my upcoming Icelandic experience…. Read More

The dizzying heights and dizzying climb had me scrambling for a rocky seat amongst the other awestruck hikers. Having left behind the unrelenting gravel crunch of our 4 hour ascent, the deafening silence of the summit rung in my ears. My own two legs had earned me this precarious seat at the top of the world, and it was gratifying and exhilarating. Or it would have been, if I hadn’t been so exhausted. The real… Read More

Quite accidentally, I walked from Northeastern to Cambridge last friday afternoon. The weather was so gorgeous me and a friend jumped on a chance to explore Boston by foot, and before we knew it an hour had turned into three and we had walked 5.5 miles. We took the path along the Charles, watching the dizzying numbers of sailboats and rowing teams enjoy the sudden spring weather. Eventually we looped back towards Harvard square, arriving famished and exhausted…. Read More

The skies have cleared after yesterday’s unexpected slush and snow storm here in Boston, and with the sun making an appearance its been a little easier to imagine spring arriving any day now. And with the new season comes plenty of daydreaming and wanderlusting, so I thought I’d jot a few of my latest dream adventures down! 4. Attend Loi Krathong, or the “Festival of Lights” in Thailand. Alright, I may have seen Tangled… Read More

Making a Bucket List is that one daunting task that I have been putting off for way too long. And I realized today why exactly that is; it would be absurd to try and condense the constant flow of ideas and adventures I find into a reasonable list of unrivaled ideas.  Literally undoable. I fill every crevice of my notebooks, Pinterest boards, dashboard stickies, whatever, with unending bookmarks of websites, photographs, destinations, and experiences. It’s a little ridiculous,… Read More

“I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.” — John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley: In Search of America An expedition towards Cambridge got me and my roommate gloriously lost, but all’s well that ends in Toscanini’s devine ice cream and some good exploring!

Blogging about Bali the other day reminded me of one of my favorite travel adventures of all time; a spontaneous trip with my family sailing through the Indonesian Archipelago. Last summer I spent a month or so lazing around at home in Borneo with my parents and two brothers, the days a happy blur of reading by the pool and watching the entirety of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones (so addicting). And… Read More