So much has happened since I last posted, I don’t even know where to begin.. I said so long to Dublin in December and flew home to Colorado for some much needed R&R with the family, but it was harder than I thought to leave Ireland behind. Luckily for me, I’ve been kept pretty busy. Two short weeks after I got home I was sitting on a plane again, headed for my… Read More

The dramatic glory of the coast was my first experience of Ireland outside of Dublin’s cobblestoned streets. An afternoon spent wandering the lush windswept grasses adorned with the saturated yellows and lilacs of wildflowers was exactly how I imagined my days would pass in Ireland.. It was a truly beautiful place to explore, huddled against the howling winds that swept the coast. 

My flatmates and I are all down for the count! We’re sniffling, sweatpant-wearing messes with absolutely no intention of going anywhere that doesn’t involve food and youtube videos (obsessed with jacksgap anyone??). But its perfect because we’ve finally found the time to book our trip to London in October, which is an absolute miracle the way our schedules have been going. And ever since, of course, I’ve been in full on travel… Read More

Its approximately 9:28am in Dublin, looks like a classic cloudy and crisp morning, just the way a Thursday should be. Getting ready for what promises to be an interesting weekend of drinks and friends. I’m listening to the Lumineers in preparation for their concert here on Oct. 29(!!!!!!!!!) with the Civil Wars, and I feel so settled in to this city! It’s been less than a month since me and my 3 excessively large… Read More