“I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.” — John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley: In Search of America An expedition towards Cambridge got me and my roommate gloriously lost, but all’s well that ends in Toscanini’s devine ice cream and some good exploring!

Just some shots from my day of wandering around the city!

Blogging about Bali the other day reminded me of one of my favorite travel adventures of all time; a spontaneous trip with my family sailing through the Indonesian Archipelago. Last summer I spent a month or so lazing around at home in Borneo with my parents and two brothers, the days a happy blur of reading by the pool and watching the entirety of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones (so addicting). And… Read More

Just kidding, there’s no way I could have forgotten this Valentines after enduring (okay, maybe enjoying) the V-Day tunes that are blasting all day in our red-and-pink plastered dining hall! But, it’s all okay because although I don’t have a hot date, I do have my friends and my lovely city! And chocolate. Theres always chocolate. Happy V-Day everybody!    

Can’t seem to get this place out of my head. Despite the mecca for young backpackers, surfers, and ridiculously heavy traffic its become, what stays with me is the feeling of the balmy, dense air clinging to my skin. The surprising coincidence of the rushed and wild streets, the clamor rising from rivers of people, with the deafening silences that hang in Bali’s lush and verdant arboreal gardens. The feverish rumble of a market and the whispered reverence of… Read More

Although Storm Nemo has subsided, a rainy fog remains settled over Boston this Monday, leaving me nostalgic for the misty, wet mornings of my semester in Dublin. The view from my 17th floor dorm room doesn’t at all resemble that of my 4th floor flat, but I still find myself looking out into the fog and for a split-second expecting the Dublin skyline to appear in the distance. And while I couldn’t… Read More

Storm Nemo has arrived! I’m blogging live from a ridiculously cool fort in the middle of my room, and I say that with absolutely no shame. Because there is no better reason in the world to channel your inner child than a snow day! Armed with an excessive amount of Nutella, Oreo’s, and magazines, I am ready to be snowed in all weekend, reading and napping in the best fort ever created…. Read More

This one goes out to my (other) favorite city and place of birth: Singapore! I’ve been visiting Singapore every now and then since I took my first breaths there, and watching it grow as I grew up has made me love it all the more. And while my visits always seemed too short, those whirlwind drop-ins included some of my childhood highlights. From dancing in the streets hand in hand with my… Read More