About Scenic Route Travels

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, this is where I share my travel stories, advice, and photography in hopes of connecting with other explorers and imparting what little wisdom I have gained to the general public. I hope you can find some inspiration or motivation for your own travel endeavors. Or at the very least learn from (and laugh at) my mistakes!

Read about the time I (barely) conquered the 2nd largest volcano in Indonesia, came dangerously close to a less-than-happy Komodo Dragon, or spent two summers driving and camping in Iceland.

Baby MollyAbout Me

I inherited a healthy since of adventure from my world-traveling parents, and lived as an expat until I was 16. Now, I’m 23 and can’t seem to settle down in one spot. I started this blog to try to keep track of it all (and for my mom, of course). Scenic Route Travels is a long, sometimes sappy love letter to this life. This is the story so far:

I was born traveling. I took my first breath in Singapore, and then, three days later, my first flight. I’ve been set on seeing the world ever since. I lived in Indonesia for many of my formative years, then Venezuela, Australia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Lately, I’ve been making my way across Alaska, scenic route style (read: living the glamorous life of a National Park Service intern), building a career as a science communications and media specialist. Currently, I’m living and working in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, but big changes are on the horizon. Stay tuned.

I’d love to hear from you! Find me on Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook– or shoot me an email at mtankersley14@gmail.com.

Other Published Works

The Opposite of Travel on SheExplores.com

Average is the New Green on the Huffington Post Blog

DSC_8325Geologizing in IcelandDublin Views, Photo: Rachel Worthman

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

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  1. Oh my so young and so many adventures 🙂 Your Iceland pictures are def my favorites! Looking forward to upcoming adventures of yours 😉

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