About Scenic Route Travels

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, this is where I share my travel stories, advice, and photography in hopes of connecting with other explorers and imparting what little wisdom I have gained to the general public. I hope you can find some inspiration or motivation for your own travel endeavors. Or at the very least learn from (and laugh at) my mistakes!

Read about the time I (barely) conquered the 2nd largest volcano in Indonesia, came dangerously close to a less-than-happy Komodo Dragon, or the endless trials and tribulations of one of the best months of my life, spent camping in Iceland.

Baby MollyAbout Me

I inherited a healthy since of adventure from my world-travelling parents, and lived as an expat until I was 16. Now, I’m 20 and living in Boston after studying abroad in Dublin my freshman year. I started this blog to try and keep track of it all. Scenic Route Travels is a collection of my adventures, disasters, and daydreams. This is the story so far:

I was born traveling. I took my first breath in Singapore, and then, 3 days later, my first flight. I’ve been set on seeing the world ever since. I lived in Indonesia, then Venezuela, Australia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, New Hampshire – and now Boston. And just when I thought I’d settled into life in the States, applied to schools in Boston, dropped the travel bug for a bit, another ticket fell into my lap. Living in Dublin was a bigger adventure than I could have hoped for in my freshman year of college, and I feel like a left a home behind. That trip got me hooked on the miracle that is study abroad- I spent the summer after my first year of college studying geology in Iceland, and went back the next summer as a teaching assistant on the trip. Now my time is spent in a peripatetic flutter between Boston, Indonesia, or Colorado.

I’d love to hear from you! Find me on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook– or shoot me an email at tankersley.m@husky.neu.edu

Geologizing in IcelandIreland, Photo: Rachel WorthmanDublin Views, Photo: Rachel Worthman


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  1. Oh my so young and so many adventures 🙂 Your Iceland pictures are def my favorites! Looking forward to upcoming adventures of yours 😉

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