A Less-Than-Tropical Spring Break

If any of you out there believe in cosmic irony, this one should give you a chuckle. After a record-, roof-, and spirit-breaking winter in Boston, escaping to sunny Colorado was my lifeline. I stared at my calendar for weeks, thinking about sweaty hikes in the mountains and wearing shorts. And just when Boston remembered what spring was, I boarded a plane for my summer oasis.

And it was- for about 24 hours. Then the snow came, and it did not mess around. About three hours in to the mid-April winter blizzard, I just had to laugh and accept it. Two days later I was skiing some respectable powder and thinking about how much better life is when you stop trying to control and predict things- especially the weather.

In less than a week, I got to see my mom, all my siblings, and my aunts. We drove to Denver and back- which was no easy feat considering my driving ability and my somewhat distracted copilot- skied Ajax, hot tubbed in the snow, ate more carrot cake than is advisable for the average human being, and laughed until we cried on more than one occasion.

By the end of it, I dropped my bags on my apartment floor in Boston at 1:30 in the morning, completely wrecked, dreading getting up for work, and not regretting a single second of it.

Snow, AjaxElk, ColoradoElk in ColoradoHome, Colorado

 “There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

   – John Ruskin


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