The Art of Staying Sane This Winter

Six feet of snow. Five “don’t even try to get to the office” snow days. Four hopeless subway lines. And a bunch of pissed of New Englanders.

I kid, but things have been a real mess since the snow started pilling up in Storm Juno… and never really stopped. Luckily, in between going stir crazy in my apartment and hallucinating beaches on my commute through the arctic tundra of Boston, I’ve managed to escape the city here and there.

At the end of January, I drove up to Vermont for some skiing. The frostbite warnings and -40F windchill temps at the top of the mountain were no one’s idea of ski heaven, but 5 layers and some hand and feet warmers made for a pretty great day.

Over the long weekend, we headed to my roommate’s cabin in upstate New York. On Sunday we were trapped inside by crazy on and off winter squall conditions- the kind of thing you take one step into and are probably never seen again. Not that anyone was complaining about rediscovering our middle school passion for the Just Dance Wii game all day.

But with another six inches predicted for Boston in the next week, it’s getting hard to convince myself that spring isn’t a mystical, nonexistent concept. Like Narnia or “too much pizza”.

Luckily for my sanity, I stepped out this morning to a partly cloudy 20 degree day, which feels like Florida at this point.

But for all of you who have dug your car out of a snowbank one too many times, here are a few tips for making it to spring with relatively few mental breakdowns:

1. Master the art of meditation for the inevitable moment when someone body checks you for the last bit of standing room on the T.

2. Eat all that junk food you panic-bought before the (first) storm hit. What’s a bikini again? You definitely won’t be needing one.

3. Just stop reading weather forecasts. Instead, use that time for productive things, like discovering new ways of layering all of your clothes on top of each other.

For now, enjoy some photos of snow that isn’t brown, six feet high, and directly between where you are and where you need to be. Remember that November version of yourself that thought winter was cozy? They’d love this cabin in the Catskills.

The Cabin, Chichester NYFireplace, Chichester New York

CassettesCabin detailsTiny Cabin in Upstate New YoTrees, Upstate New YorkChopping wood, Upstate New York

Boston Snow Storm

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
― Carl Reiner

Got any tips for surviving the winter? Comment below!

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