The Infinite Bucket List Pt. 4

Happy Day-After-Earth-Day!

Seeing as this spinning ball of dirt hurling through the universe is the only one we can survive on (or at least, the only one that has chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing) I’m thinking that it deserves to be celebrated a while longer than, say, Talk Like a Pirate Day. Or Clergy Appreciation Day. Or National Date Nut Bread Day. All of which exist and are celebrated by actual people, amazingly enough. But let’s try not to dwell on that- I wanted to talk about our amazing planet, and all the things on it I would rather be doing than cleaning my apartment:

15. Paragliding on Bazaruto island, Mozambique.

I got a rush just reading about a wild paragliding adventure gone askew over on Maptia. Ever since have been drooling over the thought of grabbing my some of super cool, pro-paraglider friends (that totally exist) and hitting the beaches of Mozambique.
Photo By Ben Bell

16. EcoCamp in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile.

Trekking, kayaking, skiing, cycling, fly fishing, PUMA TRACKING?? All from a the comfort of an eco-friendly glamping hut. Life. Goals. Trust me on this one and check it out here.Photo by Chris Ford

17. Eat a well deserve meal at this restaurant on Äscher Cliff, Switzerland.

I am sure it’s no picnic getting your ass up to this precarious cliffside lunch spot, but who doesn’t love a side of adrenaline with your meal?
Photo By Haraszti István

18. See Bled Castle in Slovenia.

I imagine there would be a lot of lazing around in row boats and walking through quiet churches. But mostly I just want to go to figure out where Slovenia even is and if it’s as strange and fascinating as it seems in my head.
Photo By mk_is_here

19. Lake O’Hara Lodge, Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

These beautiful little cabins make me want to throw my every book I own in a car and retreat from society to live by the land, weaving baskets out of grass and befriending small animals- or whatever it is that hermits do.
Photo By Esther Lee

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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