Explore! Contest Entry

Big thanks to Beers & Beans for spreading word about yet another awesome spring photo contest:  Explore.co.uk and Blacks‘ Explore! competition. Post some of your most epic travel photos as fast as you can to give the world a panoramic view of your wild life- and potentially win £2000 of adventure travel! (..can you guess what the 4 categories are?)

Phew. That’s enough wordplay for one day. Check out my entries below:

WildKomodo DragonThe last thing you want to unsuspectingly encounter on your beach vacay: the Komodo Dragon. Did I mention it has toxic saliva and can smell you from over two miles away… with its tongue? Yeah. Run like the wind.

FastStreets of HanoiThe frenzied streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.

PanoramicMt Rinjani PanoramaMt Rinjani in all its panoramic glory.

DSCF7862-2Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. Otherwise known as, #1 on the list of places I never want to skinny dip.

EpicGulfossThe epic falls of Gulfoss, Iceland. And fear not, the kayaker from the featured image was flirting with death on a different, slightly less horrifying waterfall.

“How wild it was, to let it be.”

 -Cheryl Strayed.


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