Up Red Mountain Without a Camera.


Like any aspiring photographer, I attempt to bring my camera most everywhere I go (attempt being the operational word there). So I was feeling fairly pleased with myself when I managed to grab the camera AND an empty memory card on the way out the door yesterday evening.

It was gorgeous lighting for a 6pm hike up Red Mountain, with the unplanned ease specific to summer. The rolling switchbacks began to reveal vistas of the Roaring Fork Valley, and about half way up I excitedly pulled out my camera- only to discover, of course, that the battery was about to die. Murphy’s Law, case and point.

Anyways, lesson learned: The best camera is the one you have charged. So here is a photo essay of our hike, via my trustworthy iPhone! (Bloopers included)






20130621-124628.jpg Hiking of the future? We ran into a trio of Segway riders on their way back down.

20130621-124913.jpg Classic Man vs. Bush incident.

20130621-125205.jpg Altitude sickness, or a little mountaintop yoga? Either way, we laughed.

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