St. Patty’s Day in Boston.

I knew that St Patrick’s day would be big here, but until I pressed my way onto the T, I don’t think I fully understood the magnitude. Pressed in too tight for any notion of personal space, we clung to strangers in attempt to stay upright and fiercely determined to make our way to Southie. photo (38) But it was all pretty worth it to be apart of this green mob of college students and families, braving the 30-something degree weather to claim a bit of Irish heritage and (40) When we could no longer feel our extremities and were all waved out, we left in search of food only to find that leaving was no easy maneuver. Parts of the street around the parade were literally at a standstill with people unable to pass through. After a couple of frustrating minutes of fighting it, we took a detour in search of a T stop. It was almost comical to find that the nearest one had been shut down because of the crowds. But no matter, the walk across the bridge into Chinatown wasn’t bad with the sun on our backs. Still sporting green face paint, we stopped for lunch downtown at Back Deck, where I had a delicious 3-cheese grilled cheese. We headed home tired, full, and a bit nostalgic for Dublin.

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