The Infinite Bucket List.

photo (28)newMaking a Bucket List is that one daunting task that I have been putting off for way too long.

And I realized today why exactly that is; it would be absurd to try and condense the constant flow of ideas and adventures I find into a reasonable list of unrivaled ideas.  Literally undoable.

I fill every crevice of my notebooks, Pinterest boards, dashboard stickies, whatever, with unending bookmarks of websites, photographs, destinations, and experiences.

It’s a little ridiculous, and hopelessly unorganizable.

So I gave up. If I can’t narrow down my ambitions, I might as well just create an infinite bucket list. Yes, I’ll never make it through the whole list, but I’ll also never miss out on the adventure of all adventures because it didn’t make the cut! So heres to me starting the never-ending project of my own take on a bucket list.

1. Visit Paro Taktsang (or Tiger’s nest) in Bhutan.

Or visit Bhutan in general, I’m dying to do both. I read something somewhere that name Bhutan “the last authentic place on earth,” and I intend to experience it before thats no longer true.

Tigernest (Taktsang)-Kloster in Bhutan

2. Hike a Volcano.

Turns out this one isn’t too much of a longshot- I’m planning on hiking Mount Rinjani on Lombok with my parents this summer! (Wish me luck, it doesn’t look easy..)

UPDATE: Had the most amazing time crossing this one off the list! Read all about it here.

Jejak kaki di puncak Gunung Rinjani

3. Board the Trans Siberian Railway.

This ones equally thrilling and daunting- even the name gives me chills- but I guess thats the draw of it! This ones going to necessitate a very brave (and possibly russian-speaking) friend to tag along.. Any takers?

Trans Siberian

And thats all for today. More to come though, I can guarantee it!

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

— Jack Kerouac

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