East of Bali.

The FamilyBlogging about Bali the other day reminded me of one of my favorite travel adventures of all time; a spontaneous trip with my family sailing through the Indonesian Archipelago. Last summer I spent a month or so lazing around at home in Borneo with my parents and two brothers, the days a happy blur of reading by the pool and watching the entirety of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones (so addicting). And then, seemingly on an impulse, we where throwing clothes into bags and catching the next flight out. Before my thoughts could catch up with me, I found myself pressed against the scratched plastic of my airplane window, staring out over the foreign islands East of Bali.

Komodo IslandAs the deafening rumble of our jet’s propellors struggled to keep us airborne, I could only assume this was the feeling that the adventurers, the explorers of the world risked everything for; the promise of an experience so wild and exotic that it took your breath away.Mt Ranjani from the cloudsFor the next six days, we sailed the archipelago aboard the Ombak Putih (“white wave” in Indonesian), docking to snorkel, swim, and hike.

(photo taken by my Dad)

(photo taken by my Dad)

The simple pleasures really made the trip for me; coming back dazed from the sun and shocking vibrancy of the coral reefs to a mouth watering meal, befriending the crew as we dared to jump just a little higher off the bow of the ship, and dozing of in the shade with a book all afternoon.

That does not, however, mean there wasn’t any potentially-harmful, sweat-inducing adventure.

The dragon himself

(This is what I meant by sweat-inducing.)

That big guy right there is a Komodo Dragon. That’s right, dragon. And he was headed right for us with his gut-wrenching claws puncturing the ground, the low hiss of his tongue (with, might I add, poisonous saliva) flicking out towards us to taste the air. But that perilous situation is a story for another day.

The point is, the thrills just kept on coming.

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