When it Rains it Pours.

Rainy Campus Although Storm Nemo has subsided, a rainy fog remains settled over Boston this Monday, leaving me nostalgic for the misty, wet mornings of my semester in Dublin. The view from my 17th floor dorm room doesn’t at all resemble that of my 4th floor flat, but I still find myself looking out into the fog and for a split-second expecting the Dublin skyline to appear in the distance.

And while I couldn’t be happier to (finally) live in Boston, that lingering yearning for my time wandering Dublin’s cobbled streets has reminded me how easy it is to let the time slip by without its deserved appreciation. Months or Years from now I could be sitting in another foreign city, staring out at yet another stunning skyline but suddenly wistful for Boston. Lesson learned: Appreciate what you have because you most definitely won’t have it forever (i.e. another favorite of mine: Nothing is Permanent).

And on that note, its time for me to Carpe this Diem. Unfortunately for me, that means starting all the homework I have due this week..

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