Hometown Throwback.

Breathtaking Singapore Skyline

This one goes out to my (other) favorite city and place of birth: Singapore! I’ve been visiting Singapore every now and then since I took my first breaths there, and watching it grow as I grew up has made me love it all the more. And while my visits always seemed too short, those whirlwind drop-ins included some of my childhood highlights. From dancing in the streets hand in hand with my mom to delighting in the foam-blown version of a winter snowstorm that marks the city’s humid (but very enthusiastic) holidays, Singapore always has a new way to surprise and inspire me. I’ve never had the chance to live there, but somehow even just a few minutes of admiring the Koi fish in the Changi airport has the power to make me feel at home. So while Singapore is not technically my “hometown” at all, it will always feel like that to me!


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