Official Bostonian.

Now that I am finally living in the city of my dreams (or at least a city of my dreams, I could never pick just one), I imagined I would spend my days exploring its historic streets and attending cool events. But as its alarmingly easy to be sucked into the rut of college life and almost never venture off campus, I’ve been making an effort to explore one new part of Boston a week. And I only got (drastically) lost one time! Which is an everyday miracle with my sense of direction. I’ve revisited the Isabella Gardener Museum (I could spend hours there), as well as the Museum of Fine Arts, and wandered down Newbury St. probably a few too many times. But who can resist the adorably delicious (not to mention ingenious) frosting shots at Sweet? I’ve still got loads of exploring to do, including Harvard Square and the North End, but I’ve made a pretty good start. And I’m doing my best to document it all:

2 Comments on “Official Bostonian.

  1. Enjoy Boston! It seems like you arrived around the time I left. Make sure you explore Davis Square and Union Square in Somerville, it’s my old stomping ground.

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