Above the clouds but under the weather.

IMG_0751My flatmates and I are all down for the count! We’re sniffling, sweatpant-wearing messes with absolutely no intention of going anywhere that doesn’t involve food and youtube videos (obsessed with jacksgap anyone??). But its perfect because we’ve finally found the time to book our trip to London in October, which is an absolute miracle the way our schedules have been going. And ever since, of course, I’ve been in full on travel planning mode- reading week in prague? weekend trip to budapest? see croatia with the fam? Yes please. Of course my bank account certainly disapproves of my day dreaming, but it can’t be helped. I’m an addict. And the pinterest travel section is definitely my enabler. But regardless its been a perfect night to stay in sick discussing the world and hot british boys with a jar of nutella and some bickies! And the night would not be complete without a good dose of ugly crying at Love Actually (for the millionth time). Dublin’s incredible nightlife will get its chance, but for now all I want is a cup of warm tea and a good snuggle. Of course by good snuggle I mean with my bed..

Goodnight and sweet wanderlusting dreams!

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